Frequently asked questions

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a structured training program that combines on-the-job learning with classroom instruction. It is a form of vocational education where individuals, known as apprentices, receive practical training in a specific trade or profession under the guidance of experienced mentors or trainers.

Why become a qualified floor technologist and installer?

An apprenticeship in flooring technology leads to many opportunities within our industry. Once qualified, you can be self-employed with Choices Flooring and Style Interiors, or work as an employee for us, or our alliance industry partners. Whatever pathway you take, you can be rest assured that your earning potential is set by you and the direction you take.

As a general guideline, highly skilled flooring installers are positioned at the forefront of the trade in terms of income generation due to their strong demand. As a career pathway, flooring installers have the opportunity to become a retail store owner, a sales or technical representative, work for a manufacturer, or in project management.

What does it cost and how long?

The MSF30822 Certificate III in Flooring Technology is a three (3) year apprenticeship. There is no cost to the apprentice except to purchase their own tools. Apprentices receive attractive government incentives on sign up including tool and travel allowances.

How is the training delivered

What makes CTI’s training unique and different to other providers is that:

  •         We have developed our own industry validated teaching and learning resources, trademarked as “Digido” that are mapped to the national qualification MSF30822 Certificate III in Flooring Technology. This Digido resource is delivered on a state of the art online Learning Management System, which is available anywhere, anytime on any device – no more old fashioned boring high school classrooms as Digido makes learning fun and free from stress, as it sets out what to achieve and how to achieve your qualifications in contemporary adult settings. Through this ‘Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device’ flexible training model, CTI facilitates alternative study methods for people trying to develop a new career expertise, while working and balancing their home life. This hybrid learning system allows learners maximum flexibility and interactivity to choose how they learn best and when it suits them best.
  •         Our practical training is delivered ‘on-the job’ supervised by our member employers, working alongside their apprentices via a state of the art e-log book, to record evidence of competency being on the job.  
  •         Each year of the apprenticeship, CTI runs a holistic assessment exercise via a community engagement project installation, allowing direct observation of student competencies and providing industry standard skills. Newfurn Industry partners join forces with CTI assessors to deliver standards and methodologies in  different flooring technologies and systems. This holistic training event engages apprentices to complete their year of training so that they can progress to the following year.
  •         Our trainers are Industry experts with up to date knowledge in all aspects of flooring installation who engage regularly with apprentices and are available to answer any questions.
What will I receive at the completion of this program?

An apprentice who completes all of the required units of competency or modules will receive both a testamur and a record of results.

What are the entry requirements?

You must be employed by a Choices Flooring store or one of its regular sub-contractors. To be eligible, students must be at least 16 years of age.

As this is an apprenticeship, you must have a training agreement with a registered employer from a relevant industry.

Prior to enrolment or commencement of training applicants will complete a pre-training review and may be required to complete a literacy and numeracy assessment. These will assist with determining suitability to the course, verify the training plan and identify any learning support needs.

Why choose Chillingworth training institute?

CTI is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) formed by Newfurn, a company at the forefront of innovation in the flooring industry.

Newfurn is also parent to Choices Flooring and Style Interiors, both leading retail flooring companies. CTI delivers high quality industry training to Newfurn’s organisation and members, and will also offer you access to Australasia’s most progressive retail floor coverings group and industry experts.

What are the benefits of doing an apprenticeship?

Hands-on training: Flooring Apprenticeships provide practical, on-the-job training that allows individuals to gain real-world experience and develop valuable skills in a specific trade or profession.

Earn while you learn: Apprenticeships typically offer a salary or stipend, allowing individuals to earn an income while receiving training. This can help offset the cost of education and living expenses.

Industry-recognized credentials: Completing an apprenticeship leads to industry-recognized certifications or qualifications, which can enhance your career prospects and demonstrate your competency to potential employers.

Job readiness: Apprenticeships focus on developing job-specific skills, making apprentices more job-ready upon completion. Employers value the practical experience gained through apprenticeships, increasing the chances of securing employment.

Networking opportunities: During an apprenticeship, you have the chance to network with professionals in your field, including mentors, trainers, and fellow flooring apprentices. Building these relationships can provide valuable connections for future job opportunities.

When can I start?

The Australian Apprenticeship website and/or your school career advisor is a great way to find out all about what is involved in an apprenticeship.

You can also send us an expression of Interest on this website that you are seeking an apprentice with one of our employer stores (Choices Flooring/Style Floors and Interiors).

Our 165+ store locations across Australia and New Zealand – Metro and Regionally based.

What are the benefits of having a skilled workforce for the group:

A skilled workforce in the floor Coverings Industry holds the necessary qualifications to perform their job at a high quality and standard. In the contemporary workforce, skills and qualifications are a necessity to ensure high workmanship, quality outcomes, high standards, customer satisfaction and safe practices. Any Choices or style flooring stores who value productivity, efficiency, quality workmanship, loyalty and a harmonious workplace, should be investing in signing up apprentices. By doing so, you will be investing in the success of your business at many levels, whilst enjoying a positive working relationship with your staff. The benefits are as follows:

Maximise Productivity – Qualified floor coverings staff whether they be installers, sales people or store operators are experts at their job, and this means improved productivity for your store’s business. Unskilled workers on the other hand require additional training taking up valuable time, resources and capital outlay.

Problem Solving Abilities –  A skilled workforce have advanced theoretical and practical knowledge, making it easier for them to overcome issues and highlight inconsistencies within your business practices. They have the confidence to do what is necessary, and the ability to solve problems as they arise instead will benefit your entire team.

Saving Money – Whilst they may be paid more than unskilled workers, a skilled workforce will save your business money in the long run. Unskilled workers are more likely to require additional training, make mistakes on the job and potentially damage customer relations. A skilled workforce has the skills and expertise to deliver a job well done and keep your customers satisfied, saving your business money.

Improved Profitability, Stronger Growth – Some businesses have a mistaken belief of ‘quantity over quality’. This is a short term strategy that does not future proof your business. A much better strategy is to employ a core team of skilled installers and staff than multiple unskilled installers, as they are far more likely to deliver the results and business outcomes you expect. As experts in their area of floor coverings, they will help to improve your businesses profitability and reputation, and you’ll be on track for stronger growth.

Positive Work Relationships – A skilled workforce improves workplace relations, as they will be able to get on with the job at hand and work harmoniously with their colleagues, your partners and alliances. This makes for a happier workplace, staff loyalty, satisfied customers, resulting in higher efficiencies and reduced workplace stress.

Who can I contact for support during my studies?

You will be in regular contact with your trainer/assessor during your training with monthly contacts and three on-the-job visits each year. You can email your trainer at any time and organise an online meeting to discuss your learning. In addition, you can contact the student support team for any issues relating to your learning journey.

The benefits of completing this apprenticeship:

1. Expand your skill set

Acquire new skills, as well as refreshing and updating your knowledge.

2. Broaden your career opportunities

Being qualified for a variety of different skills give you more changes and career opportunities.

3. Improve your change of career progression

Completing an apprenticeship shows employers what you are capable of. You may choose to continue learning or start your own business.

4. Open doors to other courses

After completing a qualification, you then have access to more opportunities.

5. Feel empowered

Aside from the career and financial benefits, completing this apprenticeship gives you a sense of selffulfillment and accomplishment.