Building a career

Lachie started his flooring apprenticeship right after high school. He was passionate about working with his hands and wanted to pursue a career in the trades.

Throughout his apprenticeship, Lachlan worked diligently under the guidance of experienced flooring professionals. He learned various flooring techniques, including installation, repair, and maintenance.

During his apprenticeship, Lachie demonstrated exceptional dedication and a keen eye for detail. He quickly gained a reputation for his high-quality workmanship and professionalism. He actively sought out opportunities to learn and took on challenging projects with enthusiasm.

Upon completing his apprenticeship, Lachie was offered a full-time position at a Choices Flooring Doncaster. His skills and knowledge were highly valued, and he continued to excel in his career. Over time, he built a strong network of satisfied clients and earned a reputation for his expertise and reliability.

Years later, Lachie decided to start his own flooring business. He used his experience and the skills he acquired during his apprenticeship to establish a successful company. With a focus on customer satisfaction and delivering exceptional craftsmanship, his business grew rapidly.

Today, Lachie flooring business is thriving. He employs a team of skilled flooring professionals and has expanded his services to include custom designs and high-end installations. His success story is a testament to the opportunities that can arise from a dedicated apprenticeship in the flooring trade. 

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Have a question?